As a member of the Outre-Mer Start-up group, PickMe.nc embraces the values of social and solidarity economy. The contributors to the local economy must associate their activity with a strong commitment to citizenship – This is our belief.

Our mission: offering an innovative, smart and structuring tool that will revolutionise urban transportation in New-Caledonia.

Change must come with an ethical and responsible approach, and we are convinced of the importance of placing people at the heart of this revolution.

Our commitment emphasizes three priorities:

Safety commitment

Facing the staggering figures of road safety, PickMe.nc wishes to provide night owls with a real alternative to the car, so that, never again shall they drive under the influence of alcohol. Our initiative is a response to the series of tragic and lethal road accidents in 2016. Moreover, local institutions haven’t been able to reverse the increasing mortality rate on Caledonian roads. We intend to bring professional transporters back to the night field by providing easy, reliable and quick booking, and by offering a secure and reassuring payment system. PickMe.nc platform enables passengers to mutualise costs, therefore offering an accessible service to all. PickMe.nc also allows to book and pay a vehicle for friends and relatives.

More and more people tend to prevent a friend who has been drinking from driving… What about you?

Together, we can make a difference!

Within a partnership agreement, PickMe.nc is willing to give a part of the profits to the Road Prevention Association of New Caledonia, and therefore to contribute to the essential awareness-raising efforts of the Association among the Caledonian youth.

A social commitment

Pickme.nc offers all Caledonian transporters a game-changing tool to structure the profession and to initiate the digital shift. By drastically reducing empty-driving time, by practicing a fair pricing policy for the Drivers partners, and by democratizing the use of this new service, PickMe.nc seeks to improve their working conditions, their remuneration, and to create jobs. The emergence of similar solutions in France was the source of 15% of job creation in 2016.

An environmental commitment

Pickme.nc contributes to reducing environmental footprint related to the use of touring cars. It consists in reducing empty-driving time thanks to geo-tracking. Each of our customers is guaranteed to see the closest vehicle reaching him, hence limiting the carbon footprint caused by his trip.

Pickme.nc also wishes to encourage eco-responsible initiatives of the Drivers Partners. That’s why transporters and taxis equipped with hybrid and electric vehicles will be granted with preferential terms to access PickMe.nc ecosystem.

This approach is essential to help to the fragile balance preservation of our beautiful island and to the reduction of the exposure to pollutant emissions. Our goal is to hasten the development of electromobility in order to offer in medium term a « green » range to our customers, for 100% clean rides.

Tomorrow is today.

Commander !